Friday, 26 July 2013


Well it really excites me to be involved in this sorta thing. People think music faces a difficult time to make ends meet in the modern world of media, well we have the same things in common with the film industry. It's hard work getting your name out there, so to, your product. Well I love it when art collides and we can help each other to join the dots and share audience and resources and celebration! 

Seedy Jeezus with River of Snakes and Laughing Leaves are very proud to accompany the world wide premiere of the short film- Good Job. 

The film is a 10-minute short film rich in comedy, robbery-tomfoolery, a good dose of manly staring, action, redemption, and a twist or two along the way, Good Job is a high-stakes spaghettiparmigiana western stand-off, following a vein of Choppermeets-Sergio Leone. 
Think The Good, The Bad and The Unemployable. With less beards. And more suits. 
The film will screen at 5.00pm after a chat with some of the production guys, then in true Tote form the bands will kick on.

This is gonna be awesome so make sure you get down and support short film and rock 'n' roll! 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

One Whole Night of Seedy at Tago Mago.

Well Seedy Jeezus have the whole night to themselves, or you have Seedy the whole night to yourself, depending on which way you look at it. They have the pleasure of playing two sets at Tago Mago in Thorbury, so they have delved back into the catalogue for some diamonds and will also spring a few new ones and super dooper surprises!!!

Don't forget we have an awesome poster for sale that is for our next show with Sheriff, Batpiss and Kaleidoscope at the Brunswick Hotel. It's on the 13th of July and is free so come down and get in the thick of it! The poster is $20 and is a fantastic A2. It's signed, numbered and just yearning to get on your lounge room wall.

Seedy Hits Wollongong For Psych Night!

Seedy had a ball in Wollongong for Psych Night with Kaleidoscope, Batpiss, Milk Maids and Spermaids. Twas a fantastic night showcasing some fucking awesome bands. Got to catch up with some good mates and start plans for the our next trip up north!!

LUMBER: From The Outer

LUMBER have a new album out called 'From The Outer'. They have no shows planned cause the are so slack they make the rock n roll industry in general look like a well oiled machine with lots of scope for promotion. Jason Fuller recorded it andGlenno Smith did the art work. We only have CDs as they are cheap. They are $10. You can hit me up at beerfuelledmayhem at hotmail dot com if you would like to buy one. Here is a film clip to support the release:

It rocks and has the best designed weapons from WWII in it- stuff boys tend to like, beer and footy and stories about crooked cops and gambling and smoking ciggies and other stuff.

And yes the Devil does barrack for Footscray!!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Seedy Wrap Up a Hectic Schedule...

Well Seedy have just finished 14 shows in 4 and a bit weeks. Here are some highlights:

Warrnambool with Red Eagle:

7" Launch with Kim Salmon and the Surrealists:

Hanging out with fans at The Barwon Club Hotel in Geelong:

Stopping at The Horse and Jockey in Tarcutta:

Playin with The VeeBees and Turbobelco at The Phoenix in Canberra!!

Keep an eye out for some more shows coming up soon:
The Tote: 26th June: w/ Sun God Replica for a recording of Basement Apes
Yours and Owls in Wollongong: 29th June: w/ Kaleidoscope, Batpiss, The Milk Maids and Spermaids!!

Rock on!!

Seedy Jeezus Split 7" with Mos Generator Is Out!!!

The Seedy Jeezus/Mos Generator split 7"is available from the following good record shops:

Round and Round: Sydney Rd Brunswick
Thornbury Records: High St Thornbury
Missing Link/Collectors Corner: Bourke St Melbourne

They come in all sorts of crazy colour swirls- blue, pink, red, custard, green or brown clear with smoke, and even baby shit brown.

They are selling pretty fast so don't delay!!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Insomniac Sessions

This Thursday March 14, Seedy Jeezus will play a 1am show at The Vineyard in St Kilda. Yep it hurts but the last time we played there we played to 100 people going nuts!! Even if you have to work the next day, get along it's worth it!